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Are you building a house for the first time and want to see what you get for your money? Are you planning a new home for your family? A low maintenance holiday home? Or you just want to dream about living differently?
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Now that you know what your money can get you, it is time to add a personal touch and make it a dream home that fits your needs. Our team will bring your dream home a step closer to reality when we prepare your personal design for building permit and bank loan approval.

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Do you like your personal design? Then allow CITRA’s construction team to make your dreams come true; watch as we turn your personal design from plan to reality. CITRA will take care of everything and ensure that your next step will be into your new home.
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Beautiful. Green. Innovative.


The generous E-Design is suitable for middle and upmarket homes, off-the-grid holiday homes, or eco-schools and community centers.
The new E-House combines the innovative Citra Construction technology with the highest standard of design. High ceilings give the living area a spacious feel. Curtains, and/or folding or sliding walls allow for flexible use of the space and the rooms can be used as bedrooms or as a living area. The second floor is conceived as a gallery, which is connected to the living area.
The E-House is suitable as an individual building, as part of a building module, or as part of a housing settlement. A variety of floor plans are possible using a minimum amount of building area. The basic model can be enlarged by extending the length of the building and adding a loggia.


The G-Design will allow everybody to live in a home which provides opportunities for their life. A green home means less money for energy and maintenance and more money for school, transport, food or medication.
To make this possible, CITRA is developing a new design. The first step will be a public design competition.

CITRA Wall System

CITRA Wall System

1 Waterproof Top Coat
Durable, Resistant, Reflective
2 Outer Plaster
Non-Brittling, Fireproof, Durable
3 EPS Foam
Excellent Thermal Insulation, Recyclable
4 Inner Plaster
Robust, Durable, Decorative

Green Home Addon

a Frameless Thin Film Photovoltaic
Beautiful, Theft-Proof, Affordable
b Integrated Capillary Mats
Solar Heat Absorption and Indoor Climate Control, Affordable
% Faster
% Less Building Costs
% Less Ongoing Costs
% Less Carbon Emissions and Energy Consumption
CITRA wall technology allows for faster construction time due to the ease of installation. The use interlocking EPS panels enhances the construction by up 50% as neither formwork nor long curing periods are required during construction. The integration of the roof and walls into the hull further reduces the construction time required for the building.
While the final quality and beauty of Citra homes ensure dignified living, the ease of construction allows the utilisation of low skilled labour. This, coupled with the fact that the technology can be used for affordable housing, ensures the economic inclusion of the historically disadvantaged and the betterment of our socioeconomic status.
By allowing up to 55% energy savings through reduced embodied and operational energy over the life cycle of the building, the technology presents an environmentally attractive solution to our housing needs. Reduced operational energy costs also provide financial relief to the users.
Carbon Footprint
With up to 40% avoided carbon emissions achievable over the life cycle of the building by using Citra technology, its long term sustainability is evident.
The integration of Citra technology allows the constituent materials to be separated and recycled when the structure is decommissioned. This further increases the environmental appeal of Citra technology.
Citra technology enhances safety through improved structural performance in a number of ways. The technology provides improved seismic behaviour due to its light weight. In addition, the building envelope is constructed to be a seamless shell; this eliminates weak points, such as the wall-roof connection points, thereby giving the structure superior structural performance under storm conditions. The unique shape of the structures improves aerodynamics, thereby reducing the wind loads to which the structure is subjected to.
Quality & Cost
Citra homes provide excellent thermal performance, high durability and a robust design. These factors contribute to the reduced operational and maintenance costs of Citra homes.
Show House.
Pretoria, Waterkloof
CITRA has built a show house on the Swiss Ambassador’s Residence in Pretoria. With most of the material and all the labor used being sourced within a 20 kilometers radius of the site, the structure was erected in an impressive three weeks. The foundation comprises of an aluminium frame anchored by stainless steel soils screws. For the building envelope, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) was accurately cut in a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine to form the curved wall elements, with glassfibre reinforced plaster applied over it. An ultraviolet (UV) resistant and waterproof render was applied for a good finish and to improve durability. Curved windows integrated into them, giving the unit much aesthetic appeal.


Swiss Embassy & Business HubSponsor

Construction Site and Networking.

Zwaluw Products

Main contractor.


Supply of the EPS foam.


Flexible thin film solar panels.

Northern Hardware & Glass

Bended Glass.

Bedson Timber



Cool Roof.


Plaster additives.

Danvon Landscapes

About Us.
We believe that quality should be affordable for everybody and that buildings should be ecological throughout the whole lifecycle. With our holistic approach we set new standards in quality and price in all market segments.
environmental sustainability, innovation, humanity, quality of work, excellence
Through turnkey projects, Citra offers housing solutions using its unique innovative building systems. In collaboration with its partners, it also offers a number of supplementary cutting-edge technologies aimed at improving the quality of its homes and hence the experience of its clients. Driven by innovation and environmental consciousness, these green technologies include sustainable energy systems, heating systems and water systems. Through the integration of smart technologies into their homes, Citra also offers smart Citra homes.
Citra Construction (Pty) Ltd, incorporated in 2016, is the South African subsidiary of CITRA Group AG, which is incorporated in Switzerland in 2015.
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CITRA Construction Pty Ltd
170 Big Bay Beach Club
Sumatra Avenue
Big Bay, Cape Town
27 (87) 550 31 36

What is up next - and where we come from.

August 2017

Decorex, Johannesburg

CITRA is proud to be part of the Decorex in Johannesburg from August 9th to 13th. We would be excited to welcome you at our stand and answer all your questions.
February 2017

First Client Contract

CITRA is working hard on the first client project in Pringle Bay, Cape Town. The great design and quality together with the wonderful bay view will make this project unique.
December 2016

New head of technology

Michael Chikwava joined our team taking over the lead of the research and development of our new technologies.
August 2016

Show house in Pretoria

The Swiss Ambassador allowed us to build a down-scaled show house in her residence in Pretoria.
July 2016

CITRA is born

After a lot of research & development, market research and tons of coffee, CITRA was founded in South Africa.
2010 - 2016

Garage times

The Swiss inventor Martin Tschaggelar together with the later Co-Founder Andreas Graf were driven by the desire to help the people in Haiti after the Earth Quake in 2010. They worked on concepts to build fast, green and affordable homes in remote locations.

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